1. Energy and climate

Coca-Cola Enterprises is committed to combating climate change. This is reflected in it's daily operations. In 2007 we set ourselves the goal of reducing the ecological footprint of our drinks by one third by 2020 by fully curbing the emission of CO2 at all levels of the value chain.

2. Sustainability

At Coca-Cola Enterprises we enhance the sustainable characteristics of our packaging (e.g. by reducing it's weight), we promote recycling, and we use recycled materials in our packaging. Thanks to lighter packaging, recycling, reuse and the use of renewable raw materials we aim to reduce our CO2 emission and our consumption of raw materials. For more information visit cocacolabelgium.be

3. Water Management

Not only is water one of the world’s most valuable resources, it is also the main ingredient of our products. We are committed to reducing our water consumption, to recycle the water used in our production processes and to protect our sources of water.


Evelien Beké, Asset Manager & Prevention Advisor, CONAC

We have been a customer of Coca-Cola Enterprises for more than ten years now. Our employees have access to all the drinks they want, free of charge, and are very happy that our employer made this decision. We have never noticed anyone taking an excessive number of drinks and are highly satisfied with the service offered by Coca-Cola Enterprises. Our coolers are usually refilled by the same driver, and he visits us punctually. We hardly ever have any technical problems; everything always runs smoothly.

To me, Coca-Cola Enterprises represents a varied assortment and a reliable business. Why change a winning team?


  • We uphold our promises
  • We produce outstanding results, each and every day.
  • We are committed to raising the efficiency and effectiveness of Coca-Cola Enterprises.
  • We find solutions by thinking out of the box.
  • We aim to genuinely make a difference in our communities for the benefit of consumers and customers alike.


  • We only consider ourselves successful if we have exceeded our customers’ expectations.
  • We aim to meet our customers’ demands.
  • We ensure that our customers’ businesses grow, which in turn stimulates our own growth.
  • We listen to our customers, and offer a consistently outstanding level of service.
  • We build unique relationships with our customers and consumers, with a view to bringing them unforgettable experiences.


  • We’re a winning team and achieve our goals through hard work and integrity.
  • We uphold the principles of respect and integrity and value diversity among our personnel.
  • We collaborate closely to achieve our collective goals.
  • We are proud of what we do and how we do it.
  • We enjoy our work and celebrate our success!

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