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I would like to have a Coca-Cola vending machine installed at my place of business in Belgium.

We kindly request that you fill in our contact form in full. Following receipt of your form we will send you an offer for a Coca-Cola vending machine.

I would like to get in touch with a Coca-Cola representative on behalf of my company.

We kindly request that you fill in our contact form in full. We will then ensure that one of our representatives gets in touch with you as soon as possible.

What do you do with vending machines that consume an inordinate amount of energy?

In an effort to reduce energy consumption, Coca-Cola embarked in the development of energy-efficient equipment, the ‘Energy Management System’ (abbreviated as EMS), in 2006. This system, which is incorporated in all of Coca-Cola’s cooling units, responds to the presence of people in its vicinity by switching the lighting on and off or adjusting its refrigeration level when it detects nearby movement or in response to the opening and closing of its door. This achieves a reduction in energy consumption of up to 35% per unit.

I am a private individual organising a large-scale event. Can I purchase products directly from Coca-Cola?

We're sorry, but Coca-Cola does not sell directly to consumers without a customer number. We frequently offer special deals through our distribution companies (supermarkets, wholesalers), so keep an eye out for these!

What terms and conditions apply to Coca-Cola’s sponsoring policy?

Sponsoring applications that are in line with the Coca-Cola policy can be submitted in writing. You will find more information on

Why drink bottled water if you can drink tap water for free?

As opposed to tap water, bottled water offers consumers a lot more consistency in terms of source, food safety, purity and taste. Bottled water undergoes 100 times as many tests as tap water and offers maximum traceability. Apart from that, bottled water is convenient and is most often consumed outside of the house - there is hardly a better way to ensure that you remain perfectly hydrated all day long when you’re on the go.

I am starting a new business and would like some information about your product range and/or sales conditions.

We kindly request that you fill in our contact form in full. We will then ensure that one of our representatives gets in touch with you as soon as possible.

Are Coca-Cola beverages also produced in Belgium?

They are indeed, we have been bottling them since 1927. Coca-Cola Services and Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium, the two companies that have joined forces in Belgium and Luxembourg, employ a workforce of approximately 2,818 people. We have three bottling plants: Antwerp, Ghent and Chaudfontaine.

How sustainable is your packaging?

To promote the sustainability of our packaging we ensure that all our old packaging material is reused as a raw material. This also enables us to reduce our volume of new raw materials. You will find more information here.

Do you have any questions about our products?

You will find more information about our products here.

Do you have any questions related to health?

You will find more information about our health here.


Chaudfontaine is the mineral water that won a “European Water Stewardship” medal for its sustainable management of natural water resources.

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"I’m dedicated to providing service tailored to the customer’s wishes!"

My task consists of resolving any technical problems that have occurred in our wide range of vending machines. If they are blocked, for instance, we ensure they work properly again. Apart from that, we also make adjustments, such as changing flavours or prices, or we introduce new technologies such as the Cashless System (paying with your bank card), telemetric applications, or interactive screens. We are also happy to explain the various applications to our customers.

Team spirit, customised service and clear communication are the key words within our profession.

- Guy Beckers

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