Who are we?

Each and every day, we aim to be the best supplier of beverages around, with the best customer service. Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium is one of the biggest bottlers of The Coca-Cola Company’s various brands. We produce, distribute and sell these beverages through a variety of channels, both directly and indirectly through intermediaries.


Our company focuses on people.

Coca-Cola beverages reach consumers through the daily efforts of some 2,458 employees in Belgium (and Luxemburg), working at three production sites, six distribution sites, a single Cooler Services branch and one head office.

Our service, tailored to your needs.

Will you choose our Full Service formula, or would you prefer to lease one of our vending machines? At Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium we attach considerable value to flexibility so that we can tailor our products and services to your wishes.

image Etienne Gossart, VP Country Director, Belgium - Luxembourg

Responsible growth through innovation, local production and sustainability:

Choosing Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium means upholding responsible entrepreneurship. A partner in beverages with an eye for local production and sustainable development, Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium strives for responsible growth, fuelled by innovation.

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